Simon Ambrose is an amazing Discord bot to help you interact with your server members through the art of Simon Says!

Starting Out/FAQ

What does Simon Ambrose do?

  • Simon Ambrose is a technical Discord Bot which hosts Simon Says rounds within your Discord Server. Simon will automatically and randomly choose a controller (or a 'Simon) and a bunch of competitors to play.

How can I start rounds?

  • To start rounds, you may use the start command.

My events won't stop! What do I do?

  • If you want to stop your rounds, use the stop command. If this does not work, please contact our Support Staff in our Discord Server

What permissions do the controllers and competitors get?

  • The controller does not need nor get any permissions outside the events channel. In the events channel they receive the following permissions automatically (these are only channel overwrites):




  • The competitor role also only receives channel overwrites. They are as follows:



I have more questions! Where do I ask them?

  • We prefer contact via one of our Discord Servers, however, our main Discord Server can be found here